UX Designers: Why use Timblee?

Starting your web or mobile project with user flow diagrams and a visual sitemap created in Timblee will help you design a better experience from the start, identify the best information architecture, and share this with the project team easily.

Better UX from the start

As UX designers, we’re often facing an uphill battle trying to explain to others why the structure and flow should be a certain way. In some organisations, perhaps even how important a UX focus is to the success of the project.

Timblee is a beautifully simple UX planning and design tool that will help you focus on crafting a better experience from the beginning of a project. It’ll also let you easily share and iterate before the project moves into the wireframing or prototype stages.

User flow diagrams + visual sitemaps

Create optimal user paths for your site or app, then organise these screens into the most logical structure. Change and iterate fast as you get feedback and input from relevant stakeholders. Keep larger apps and sites organised with the ability create sections and multiple user flows within a project.

Easily share and get feedback

Getting feedback from anyone (including people without a Timblee account) is easy since you can share the unique link, and guests can add general or specific comments, with emoji of course ?.

Feedback is organised by screens, and you can use comments as an ‘actionable’ checklist if they need to be acted upon.

Why use Timblee?

Timblee’s 60+ visual screen types, and action and decision cards will help you plan the UX of web and mobile projects better, and faster. This will lead to less wasted time and effort on wireframes and designs, and fewer unconsidered change requests from your team and clients, in later stages.

Every time you add a new section or pages, making them in Timblee first to get collective agreement will save you precious time and effort. And each time you need to refine a path to a goal, quickly create it in Timblee before you proceed to wireframing.

Want to integrate with your project management tool?

You’ve created your sitemap and user flows in Timblee. Soon you’ll be able to easily push all the relevant info into other tools you use – including Basecamp, Asana, Trello and more. Our planned integration with Zapier will allow you to send data from Timblee to 750+ apps.

As a UX specialist, Timblee will help you do what you do better, while making it easier for others to better understand your vision and approach.

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