April 27, 2017

Till now, Timblee has helped UX designers and project planners build beautiful, effective sitemaps. Sitemaps are great at identifying and creating the most effective structure and navigation for sites and apps.

However, sitemaps look at a site or app from our perspective as creators: What screens or pages are we creating? And how should we structure them?

The missing component is the end user’s perspective. What are people trying to achieve on the site or app? What steps are we making them follow? What actions are we asking them to perform? How many decisions do they need to make? You can now answer these questions in Timblee using beautifully simple user flow diagrams (available in beta).

User flows

User flows let you start from the user’s perspective. Using our beautiful new user flow diagrams, you can now create and iterate the key user paths on your site or app.

Identify the best path for a user to buy a product on your ecommerce site, or to sign up for that free trial. Iterate fast, and collaborate with others, then create a connected visual sitemap.

Map a user’s journey through your app or site using screens, actions and decision points: then improve this journey by eliminating unnecessary steps and iterating fast.

Screens you add in your user flows automatically show up in your sitemap, and screens you add in your sitemaps are available in your user flows.

Together, user flows and visual sitemaps help you create low-friction, delightful user experiences fast.

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