What journey do you want your users to go on?

Identify the screens, actions and decisions your users will take to make a purchase, sign up for a trial, and more. Start with an easy to create user flow diagram in Timblee to make your user experience better from the start.

Used by over 1,000 in-house teams and agencies.

Help your users feel like this.

Instead of this.


Visualise the user journey fast

With user flow diagrams, you can start visualising the important journeys on your site or app right from the beginning, and easily share this with your team and clients. Starting with the user journey also helps you focus on the most important aspect of your project: The end users and their experience.


Create relevant, user focused navigation with a linked visual sitemap

Once you’ve defined your user flows, easily create a linked visual sitemap to organise pages into an ideal navigation. Define pages and sub pages fast, and share those easily too. Pages you added into your user flow diagram automatically become available in your sitemap so you know which pages you need to add into the structure.


Get feedback from anyone, fast. They’ll never need to log in.

Each Timblee project has a unique share link which lets anyone view your user flows and even provide feedback on individual pages, or add general comments. With no limits. Export to PDF functionality for user flows is coming soon too (it’s already available for sitemaps).

Why use Timblee for User Flow Diagrams?

With Timblee, you can easily build beautiful, effective user flow diagrams with actions, decision points and 60 custom designed “page types”. Create as many user flows as you need in a project and then create linked visual sitemaps to organise your pages.

If you’re involved in planning or building websites, web apps or mobile apps, you’ll love Timblee as a starting point to identify user journeys and to create better navigation. You’ll also love how easy they are for you to share them, and for others to understand them.

Connect Timblee with your workflow

Soon, you’ll be able to easily push all the relevant info from your user flow diagrams into other tools you use – including Basecamp, Asana, Trello, Slack and more. Our upcoming integration with Zapier will allow you to send data from Timblee to 750+ apps.

As a UX specialist, Timblee will help you do what you do better, while making it easier for others to better understand your vision and approach.

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Why we do it

We believe the tools we use have a big impact on the quality of the work. Imagine working in a poorly lit, bland office – how would it make you feel?

Timblee exists because the early stage UX planning tools we were using were clunky and painful.

Instead of helping us do better work, we would cringe every time we had to use them. We don’t like working that way.

We hope Timblee helps you do better work and you have a great experience using it.

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