Plan sites with better navigation and usability.

Organise your site’s pages into a logical structure, and iterate fast using Timblee’s drag and drop visual sitemaps.

Timblee sitemaps at a glance

Drag and drop to build sitemaps fast, using 60 custom page types

Break up large sites into easy to understand sections

Create linked user flow diagrams to map out key paths

Share and get feedback via an interactive link or export to PDF

Build fast, iterate faster

An easy to use drag and drop editor lets you choose from 60 page types to create your sitemap fast. Then share them with anyone to get organised feedback, and iterate just as easily

Easy to build, easier to understand

Ever built the best sitemap only to have clients and other team members struggle to understand and participate in feedback? With Timblee, you’ll love creating sitemaps but more importantly, anyone you share it with will also easily understand it, and provide feedback as well.


Share it how you want

With four sharing options, get feedback how you want, whether it’s using the interactive share link, sending emails through the app, or exporting it as a pdf or png.


Base your site structure on user goals

Use user flow diagrams to flesh out important paths users should take, and adjust the sitemap to enable those paths, whether it’s a sign-up, subscription or sale.

Integrate with your workflow

Send pages and activity from Timblee to project management or communication tools you use with our easy integrations enabled by Zapier. Choose from over 750 apps including Basecamp, Asana, Slack and more.

All the features

Timblee is one of the best tools available if you create visual sitemaps. Here are some of the things you can expect.

Actually visual sitemaps

Most ‘visual’ sitemap tools aren’t actually visual. Timblee is, with 60+ custom designed page type icons.

Comments organised by page

Add general notes and comments, or link them to individual pages to keep them organised.

Focus on pages and users

With linked user flow diagrams and visual sitemaps, you can easily align the structure to key user paths and vice versa.

Track progress

Manage multiple projects? Keep track of where each one is at via the visual progress board.

Break up large sites into sections

Sections help you keep large sites digestible and organised while keeping it all under one project

Tailored notifications

Get a grouped notification of any activity from the last 10 minutes via email, or instant in app notifications

Unlimited guests

Get feedback from as many nonlogged in users as you need by sharing the link to your sitemap.

Use comments as a checklist

For comments that need to be acted on, use the ‘mark as resolved’ function to check them off.

Invite your team

Invite anyone else that needs to edit and build sitemaps to your team account.

Mention people in comments

Want to ensure someone sees a comment? Just mention them like you would on Slack or Twitter.

Footer pages

Drag pages into the footer area to display secondary pages without messing up your main sitemap

Duplicate sitemaps

Duplicate sitemaps to use them in future projects with one click

“Ridiculously easy to use. We have been looking for an intuitive tool like this for a while and this is just what we needed.”

– Sue, Touch Point Design

How much does it cost?

Start with a free trial, then choose from one of two plans, starting at only $9 per month.


No limit on users
Unlimited projects
Priority support

$19 / mo for the first user

$12 / mo for additional users


One user
Three projects

$9 / mo

Timblee’s visual sitemaps will help you create better experiences and more usable websites.

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