Start with a free 14 day trial, then decide if Timblee is right for you. Simple per-user pricing means you never pay more than you need.


No limit on users
Unlimited projects
Priority support

$19 / mo for the first user

$12 / mo for additional users


One user
Three projects

$9 / mo

“Ridiculously easy to use. We have been looking for an intuitive tool like this for a while and this is just what we needed.”

- Sue, Touch Point Design

What is a project?

A project can contain one sitemap with multiple sections and as many user flows as you need. A project would typically represent one app or website. With the Pro plan, you get unlimited projects.  

Is there a free plan?

No. There is a free 14 day trial though. Building a good, effective product is expensive. If you find Timblee useful, it’s only $19 per month for the first user, and $12 for each additional user. If you work solo, with ocassional projects, there's the $9 per month Starter plan as well.

Why should I use Timblee?

Timblee is designed to help you build better user experiences on sites and apps by focusing on the user's journey, and the screens they'll need to go through to achieve their goals. We believe it's one of the best visual sitemapping and user flow tools out there 🙂

What support do I get?

We offer awesome email and self service support to all our customers. Just hit the “Ask us anything” button when you’re logged in, or the pink chat icon on the bottom right now.

Why we do it

We believe the tools we use have a big impact on the quality of the work. Imagine working in a poorly lit, bland office – how would it make you feel?

Timblee exists because the early stage UX planning tools we were using were clunky and painful.

Instead of helping us do better work, we would cringe every time we had to use them. We don’t like working that way.

We hope Timblee helps you do better work and you have a great experience using it.

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